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5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Fall in Love with You

March 25, 2019

We have better access to information today more than we ever have before, but that doesn’t make us easier to reach by the big name brands out there. Consumers are savvier than ever, with more people being picky about who they choose to do business with and to whom they stay loyal now than ever before. However, this isn’t stopping those big brands – and the smaller ones – from trying to cultivate those loyal customers.

Your job is to differentiate yourself from other brands out there and make your customers fall in love with you. Loyal customers are right for your business: they will buy more, visit more, buy regardless of price and recommend you to their friends to help your business to grow. Loyal customers can do more for your business than a strong marketing strategy, and you should keep this in mind when you consider how you want to build your base.

So, how CAN you get your customers to fall in love with you? Well, we’ve got five suggestions for you!

Get Personal

To build your customer base into a loyal, repetitive one, you need to stay as relevant as possible. You can retain their interest, and the best way to do this is to get personal. Personalized experiences now matter the most with brands because consumers want to feel like you understand them. They want to feel like you’re making an effort to learn about them – which you are, of course. If you can build some loyalty programmes that are going to satisfy your customers, you’re going to build trust.

Improve Customer Service

As part of your customer service, you need to give your customers options. They want to know they can contact you 24/7, and a 24/7 call center solution makes you way more accessible to your customers than you ever have been before. They should be able to get the best possible service whenever it suits them, and you instantly appeal to customers when you are open to them when they need you. The difference between a live person on the phone and being sent to voicemail is huge. A virtual receptionist in your business can make such a difference in how people perceive you.

Get Emotional

A big part of getting to know your customers is in the emotional connection that you build. Customers love a good discount and coupon, but they’re not just there for that. Building loyalty is so much more than shouting about money off of your merchandise. Emotional connections and focusing on the full experience for your customers is way more important than transactional connections that don’t last. Solve their problems and be there for them as a brand – not just as a paper coupon for exchange.

Consider Your Logistics

Customers love efficiency. They don’t want to purchase something and wait for ten business days for their item; they want to have it as soon as physically possible. The logistics are a part of the customer experience as much as anything else, so think about your shipping and how you deliver the right product to the right place and how this affects your customers.

Ask For Feedback

Customers just love to tell you what they think, so it’s essential that you give them a platform for it. Get on social media and call out, ask for their ideas, their opinions and their feedback about what you can offer.

If your customers haven’t fallen in love with you yet, 2019 can be the year to increase your bottom line with repeat business. Talk to Call Mangement Resources today and find out how you can easily provide your customers with a live voice 24/7/365. Let’s us delight your callers, increase your bottom line and launch your business forward with our 24/7 call center solutions.