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No More Voicemail
We Answer Your Cell Phone

Think of the professionalism of having a call agent answer your cell phone. If you are available, we will transfer the call to you, anywhere. If you are not available, we will take a message for you. 

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – If you choose not to answer, your cell phone or office phone forwards to us and we answer.

Step 2 -Your remote receptionist answers your office phone or cell phone 24/7 (or only when you want us to answer).

Step 3 – Your remote receptionist screens the call to determine if it is a call you would want to take.

Step 4 – We call you and give you the option of taking the call.

Step 5– We transfer the call to you or If you decline the call, we will take a message.

Step 6 – If we take a message, the message is immediately sent to you via text and/or email.

How Does It Benefit You?

  • We Answer the Phone as an Extension of Your Business or Person
  • Save Time
  • Capture More Bussiness
  • 90% of Telemarketers are Screened Out
  • Only the Calls You Want Reach You
  • Enhanced Image to Callers and Clients

For live call screening services, Call Management Resources is your choice for value and professionalism. For more complex answering, we can also offer our answering service and call center services.


Unlimited Calls

Answered & Screened


($15/Additional User)

$0.50 Per Message Taken
Free Setup
Live Answering 24/7/365

Missed Calls Cost You Money.
Answered Calls Make You Money.
We Answer Calls.