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We’ve been answering calls for law practices large and small since 1959. Our law clients trust us to take these important calls and handle them in a professional manner as if we were in your office as one of your employees.

Our highly trained agents act as an extension of your firm – 24 hours a day. If you’re small, we provide the extra staff you need to maintain a professional image for your clients. If your firm is large, we can seamlessly handle marketing calls, answer questions, schedule appointments and support class-action phone lines.

And the time we spend on your calls are reported to you so that the time can be included in your billable hours.

We offer:

  • 24/7/365 Live Answering
  • Expert, US-based Call Agents
  • Customized Scripts
  • Specialized Call Screening
  •  Voicemail and IVR services
  • Custom Account Design
  • Online Account Access
  • Advanced On-Call scheduling
  • Emergency Dispatching and Escalation
  • Online On-Call Management
  • Customized Message Delivery  (email, text, voicemail, fax, app, client portal, pager and/or live operator)

Contact us today and find out why Call Management Resources is the trusted partner for law firms nationwide.

Launching your business forward and into the future.

Our progressive and innovative nature allows us to hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, as our mission is to implement solutions that will revolutionize your business for future success. We work endlessly to make sure our experts are constantly working to transform and optimize the operations of your unique business. We are transparent in our work and provide supreme quality services to our clients, enabling us to stay true to our long-term strategy: putting our customers first. It’s time to take your business to another solar system.

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