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A Call-Off Solution That Works

June 13, 2022

The past few years have seen absenteeism in the workplace skyrocket, leaving already understaffed companies in a pinch.

How does your company handle employee call-offs?

Some organizations take the traditional approach, having managers take calls at all hours of the day or night and scramble to fill shifts with on-call employees. Others have switched to online applications which may automate the process but don’t leave the same accountability that a verbal phone call did in a more traditional system.

Call Center AgentYou can have the best of both worlds!

At Call Management Resources, we have developed our T.E.A.M.©, Total Employee Attendance Management, solution to provide a comprehensive call-off system, managing the frontline of taking employee call-off calls with a live call agent and the backend of reporting information to managers and filling key on-call positions, all while providing detailed records and recordings for your HR-related needs.

Remove The Headache of Filling Shifts

Imagine it’s 10 PM and your employee needs to call off. Instead of calling their manager and disturbing them at home, they call their employee call-off line answered by Call Management Resources. Our US-based call agent confirms their information and at the conclusion of the call, the information is sent to the manager and the HR department with a recording of the call. Our call agent then starts calling on-call employees to fill the shift. Once the shift has been filled, the manager is then emailed with information regarding the employee filling the shift.

We Handle The Entire Call-Off Process

Let your managers get back to the work of building your business. Contact us today and let Call Management Resources be your employee call-off solution!