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AC Repairs Burning Up Your Phone?

July 2, 2021

The heatwave across the country means only one thing for those in the HVAC business…busy, busy, busy.

With the rush of business comes all of those phone calls, day and night, from hot clients looking for relief. 

How are you taking client and potential customer calls, 24/7?

At Call Management Resources, we are HVAC answering service specialists and we understand the unique needs of HVAC repair companies. We can make your life easier and increase your profits by answering your phones as if we are you – capturing new business, quoting rates, and dispatching technicians 24/7. 

We can help you to increase your operational efficiency and profitability with a suite of services designed to suit you.

Never miss a call

Every missed call counts. When a prospect in dire need of a repair but their call goes straight to your voicemail, do you think they’re going to wait for your call? Afraid not. There’s a good chance that they’ll just move on to your next competitor on their list.

Thanks to our US-based agents answering the phone 24/7/365, you’ll never miss a call when you’re on a job. More answered calls equal more profits to the bottom line!

Technician Dispatching, Appointment Confirmations and Customer ETA Notifications

Who’s going where and when? We can dispatch technicians to service calls with our error-free dispatching; all without you lifting a finger. Gone are those sleepless nights fielding a 3 AM emergency call, making sure an employee is on their way.

Tired of wasting time showing up to an empty house? We can text or call ahead to confirm your client is there to let you in; potentially saving you time and making for a happy customer who knows you are on your way!

We Are Ready To Answer

If you’d like to know more about how we can serve the special needs of your HVAC business and arrange a consultation click here or call (800) 475-7300.

Missed Calls Cost You Money.
Answered Calls Make You Money.
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