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Are Your Phones Covered for Summer Vacations?

May 16, 2022

Summer vacation time is almost upon us. Everyone is starting to enjoy the warm weather and thinking about those beach trips with family and friends.

Are You Ready for Short-Staffed Days?

Did you know that you can partner with a US-based, outsourced call center like Call Management Resources to answer your phones? You can roll over your calls to us and we can answer the phone like we are an employee at your business. Our professional agents can answer customer inquiries, respond to messages, and dispatch technicians.

With our call center service, you can keep your staff smaller on days when business is slow, or you could use us as a backup if an employee calls in sick.

Call Center AgentWe Can Scale For You

There are endless possibilities with how and when we answer your calls. Send us only calls when you are short-staffed, overflow calls when you are already busy on the phone or all your calls and we will answer them 24/7. We can answer a few calls a day or hundreds and be ready whenever you decide to send your calls to us. We are always ready to scale up or down depending on your need.

Pay For Calls, Not Employees

Since we work in a shared environment with other accounts sharing staff resources, you will not be paying for full-time employees but only a few dollars a day. With plans starting at $59 for usage only and package deals for large volume accounts, businesses large and small utilize our service that would cost thousands of dollars if you employed your own call center staff.

Hire Call Management Resouces

With summer quickly approaching, we can be ready to take your calls from simple message taking to full integration with scheduling and CRM applications. We can have your account up and running in as little as 48 hours. 

Contact one of our sales executives today so we can build an answering solution that works for you!

Missed Calls Cost You Money
Answered Calls Make You Money
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