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Don’t Forget the Customer Service

August 1, 2019

So you’ve made a great app or are getting ready to launch a new, innovative product? All of the bugs have been ironed out, the marketing is ready to go and staff is excited to debut their creation to the world, but have you’ve forgotten one of the most important things, customer service?

When new customers start rolling in for a new product or service, are you ready to handle customer service requests? A new experience for a customer can be confusing even with the best design and user experience. Companies are often ill-prepared for the questions that come because of payment issues, technical support or cancelations. And the volume of support requests can fluctuate wildly from a slow trickle to a deluge of calls and emails back to a trickle. Are you staffed for the fluctuations and ready to expand or reduce capacity as needed?

The answer to most of these questions for all but the most experienced of companies is typically a resounding “no”. Companies that don’t’ plan for the service needs of new users and customers find themselves in serious trouble. They ramp up for volume and then support requests drop suddenly, leaving new staff twiddling their thumbs and wasting company resources. 

What if a company could handle your customer service requests 24/7 at any volume?

Call Management Resources has been handling the customer service needs of companies large and small for over 60 years. Whether your call volume is a single call each week or thousands of calls each day, we can handle any type of volume and fluctuations with ease, at an affordable price point that scales easily

If you can do it on the phone, we can do it for you.

From technical support to order taking and cancelation requests, our experienced agents can be an extension of your business and take calls just like we are one of your employees. We use decision trees and custom call scripting to interact with your customers and can access your website or internal support tools. We train and incentivize our agents to complete your calls at a high resolution rate. We can even transfer the most complex of issues to your staff to make sure all calls are resolved to meet the customer’s expectations.

Even the smallest of companies can afford the services of Call Management Resources but few can afford the bad review of a disgruntled customer. Let Call Management Resources help you with your product launch or ongoing customer service demands with ease.