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Fight Inflation and Improve Your Customer Service

November 30, 2021

Is Inflation Taking a Toll on Your Business?

From wages to the cost of materials and service, businesses everywhere are seeing the cost of doing business skyrocket in the past year. And should we even mention the difficulty of finding great employees right now?

Outsourcing Your Customer Service Cuts Cost

Did you know that you can outsource your customer service to Call Management Resources and save money and management time compared to hiring in-house call center employees? Because we work in a shared service environment, you pay only for the calls our agents take and then they work on other accounts when your lines are free.

How do we handle fluctuations in volume? With over 60 years in the call center industry, our operations staff are experts in staffing to handle your call volume and those of our other clients. This shared services model costs only a fraction of having in-house staff.

Let Us Solve Your Hiring Issues

Have you tried to hire customer service employees lately? It can be rather difficult in this business environment. Let us worry about staffing your frontline customer service agents. We have a long history of hiring the best and keeping our employees far longer than the call center industry. Our secret sauce is simple: we pay above-average wages, all of our agents work from home and all staff receive great benefits. 

Our shared service environment also allows you to adjust the volume of calls you send us so that we can take more calls during your busy times and fewer calls during slow times. In-house customer service agents would be a fixed cost or come at a great variable expense to adjust for volume. With Call Management Resources, changes in volume are no issue and we are ready to take your calls, be it a few calls or thousands of calls.

We Can Help You

We are ready to help you fight inflation and cut your costs. While your other suppliers may be raising costs, we have actually streamlined our prices and lowered many of our packages this year! Contact us today to find out how we can help you thrive in this tough business environment.

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