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Handling Emergency Calls and Unexpected Spikes in Call Volume

September 16, 2019

Does your business face sudden bursts of business or needs for support? 

This episodic demand in volume can occur with many types of businesses: insurance companies dealing with large disasters, product manufacturers involved with a product recall, law firms handling large class-action lawsuits or countless other organizations dealing with bad press or company crisis.

Do you have the infrastructure in place to handle large volumes of calls? Are you ready to staff up on a moment’s notices to handle such demand?

Did you know there are companies equipped to handle such scenarios and make much of the headache of dealing with a sudden burst of call volume easy and manageable? By hiring a third-party call center solution such as Call Management Resources, you have a partner ready to take calls and absorb the call volume quickly and efficiently. Because we have been staffing call centers for over 60 years, our staff and trainers can quickly bring our skilled agents up-to-speed on even the most complex of phone calls; taking claims, handling sensitive subjects and troubleshooting product support so that you can make sure this sudden call volume doesn’t turn into a company disaster.

Companies that try to absorb sudden call volume on their own can face costs they don’t foresee when deciding to take on the task alone: building out phone infrastructure, staffing and training employees to take calls and the productivity lost by managers burdened with the task of solving all of these issues instead of their normal duties, to name a few. With a partner like Call Management Resources, we will work with you to understand the nature of the calls, design the call handling procedure and be ready to take your calls with skilled agents 24/7/365, whether it is a project only lasting a few weeks, months or years. Companies can even save money on start-up by keeping us on retainer if they anticipate such scenarios.  

While demands in your business may spike, by partnering with Call Management Resources, the management of your business will always remain smooth. Call us today so that we can start helping you plan for unexpected call volume so that when you need us, we will be ready to take your calls.