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Is Your Business Prepared for the Summer Holiday Season?

April 2, 2024

Call Center AgentAs the season of summer vacations draws near, the anticipation of sunny beach escapades with loved ones is on the rise.

Is Your Business Set for Days with Reduced Staff?

Did you know that collaborating with Call Management Resources can help manage your phone lines? We can seamlessly integrate into your business, answering calls as if we were a part of your on-site staff. Our 100% US-based agents can handle customer queries, take messages and even dispatch technicians.

Utilizing our answering solutions allows you to maintain a lean staff when business is slow, or use us as a safety net if an employee unexpectedly takes a day off.

We Provide Scalable Solutions

The versatility of our call-answering services is limitless. We can handle your calls only when you are short-staffed, manage overflow when your lines are occupied or take all your calls around the clock. Whether it’s a handful of calls a day or thousands, we’re always ready to adapt our services based on your needs.

Pay Only for Calls, Not Staff

Our shared environment allows us to pool resources across various accounts, which means you’re not paying for full-time employees but just a minimal daily amount. Our plans start at $45 and we offer package deals for high-volume accounts. Our cost-effective solutions are used by businesses of all sizes, a service that would otherwise cost thousands if you had your own in-house call center team.

Engage Call Management Resources

With the summer season swiftly approaching, we stand ready to handle your calls, from simple messaging to full integration with scheduling and CRM systems. We can set up your account in as little as 48 hours.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our sales executives today, and let us craft a customized call-answering solution that suits your business perfectly!