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Is Your Business Ready for a Disaster?

February 22, 2021

As if the pandemic shutdown last year wasn’t enough, the tragic and difficult power disruptions and weather events in Texas this past week are just another reminder that disaster planning needs to be a top priority for all companies. Planning for unforeseeable events can mean the difference between a business weathering a storm and being there for your customers, or falling victim to these modern-day disasters that seem to happen all too frequently.

As an outsourced call center solution, Call Management Resources has been an offsite, business operations resource for companies large and small for over 60 years. We can be your front line of business operations when locations are offline or serve at the ready for overflow capacity when you are experiencing higher call volumes or when you are short on staff.

Our emergency planning services include:

  • Being ready to answer your phones at a moment’s notice, with a small retainer when not being used and staff ready when you need us.
  • Our agents are dispersed over 8 states, making use of decentralized IT structures, ensuring that we are always ready to take your calls. 
  • Answering your phones, acting as if we are your business and provide the best customer service to your clients without them knowing of any break in operations.
  • Serving as a virtual receptionist if your company needs to move operations from your physical offices to employee work-from-home/remote working environments.
  • Take overflow calls in the event that call volumes spike at emergency-related businesses such as home repair, insurance companies or medical facilities.

Whether you are planning to outsource your entire customer service operation or would like a backup solution if they are needed, Call Management Resources can be your trusted call center solution. You will have experienced, US-based agents ready at a moment’s notice to be the voice on the other end of your phones.

Contact us today so that we can design a plan customized to the unique needs of your business. There are many unknowns in today’s business environment, and having a business continuity plan and partner will ensure that when disaster strikes, you are ready to keep serving your valuable customers.