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Jump Start Your Business During the Summer Months

July 12, 2019

For many businesses, the summer can be a real slow-down in activity. With many taking vacations and checking out mentally, volume typically decreases while small business owners slog it out until September when things get busy again.

Don’t let the dog days of summer be a pause in your business. Use this time to build extra capacity for your business and acquire new customers by creating a 24/7 customer-centric business with the help of a 24/7 answering service like Call Management Resources.

How often do you find yourself swamped when business picks up? Handling client calls, cultivating new leads, worrying about inventory and increasing employee motivation can be headaches for any business owner. 

Often when customers are looking for a company to do business with, they will go down the list of options and overlook any company that fails to answer their phone. Are you answering calls 24/7? With the help of a 24/7 answering service like Call Management Resources, you will have experienced agents answering your phone, capturing new leads and increasing your revenue.

Don’t wait until the phone is ringing off the hook to worry about who is answering it. Find a partner to handle your increases in call volume. With the help of a 24/7 answering service, you can turn every call into revenue without having to add temporary staff.

Whether it is a current client or a new lead, having your phone answered 24/7 will help your revenue skyrocket!

Set your business up for success this summer by choosing a 24/7 answering service to answer your calls. Now is the time to plan for the fall rush. 

With over 60 years in business, we have worked with almost every type of business, in every industry.  Let us work with you to plan your spikes in business so that we can be there when the calls start coming in.