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Let Us Capture Every Lead and Dispatch Maintenance

July 10, 2020

Property management can be a 24/7 job. Between showings and lease signings during the day and maintenance requests at night, the job can seem nonstop at times. 

Whether you are a real estate investor managing a few of your own properties or a management company with a large portfolio, spending time on the phone capturing every lead or responding to every maintenance request is valuable time that could easily be outsourced to a partner like Call Management Resources.

Lead Capture

How many times have you called a business and got a voicemail message? When a potential tenant calls your property and there is no answer or they receive a voicemail, typically they will just go to the next property on their list. When you have a live person answering your phones, day or night, your ability to capture more leads and schedule more showings grows exponentially. 

Call Management Resources can provide you with that live voice 24/7, giving potential tenants information about your properties, and scheduling showings for you. Think of how much just one tenant is worth to you and how much faster you can fill vacancies if you are the company that answers their phones 24/7.   

Dispatch Maintenance

Tired of taking maintenance calls 24/7? Call Management Resources can take calls from tenants, dispatch on-call technicians and provide customers with an ETA of the technician’s service time.

When property management companies leave other answering services to partner with Call Management Resources, their biggest complaint about their old service was the inability to understand an emergency and one that could wait until morning. At Call Management Resources, we realize this distinction is often the difference in hundreds of dollars in savings for a single repair. Since every repair is an emergency to a tenant, Call Management Resources agents are trained to verify the issue and compare it to a list of actual emergency repairs authorized by you before dispatching after-hours maintenance or third-party repair companies.

Real estate investors with a few properties find that Call Management Resources allows them to focus their time on finding more properties and making more money. Large management companies can run lean on less staff when the phone is not constantly ringing and is answered 24/7 by Call Management Resources. 

Our property management clients know we save them time and money. Contact us today to learn how we can delight your tenants and improve your bottom line.