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Making a 4-Day Workweek Work

November 13, 2019

Want happier and more productive employees? Try the 4-day work week! 

You’ve probably heard about how a 4-day work week can boost productivity. Microsoft has been in the news recently after its 4-day workweek experiment in Japan led to a 40% increase in productivity. 

By shortening the workweek, many companies find their employees focus their work and spend less time on low-value activities to be more efficient. Hyper-focusing tasks and cutting down on mundane work has been found to boost creativity and fuel increased productivity in the workplace.

With the tight labor market and companies doing everything they can to recruit and retain the best talent, a 4-day workweek is a benefit you can offer employees looking for better work/life balance. In fact, 70% of workers consider the 5-day workweek to be outdated according to The Workforce Institute. 

A 4-day workweek puts companies ahead of the competition for the best and brightest talent in the labor pool and adds an attractive benefit you can market to potential employees!

A 4-day workweek still means 7 days of customer service.

At Call Management Resources, we know that new and innovative initiatives like this create customer service challenges. Your employees may only be in the office 4-days a week, but your customers expect service 5 or 7-days a week, often 24/7!

With our 24/7 call answering solutions, we’ve helped numerous companies transition to a shortened workweek with great success and we’ve also adopted this model in elements of our business. We have seen the enormous benefits and have also successfully navigated the challenges. 

For our clients, our highly trained agents fill the gaps in this exciting model, offering your customers outstanding support 24/7. We can answer the phone and take a message, triage calls and send the most important calls to designated on-call staff and even provide full product and service support for your customers. We can also capture sales leads, schedule appointments,  answer questions, and filter out time-wasting calls and inquiries. 

The bottom line is that your valuable customers deserve the best service you can provide, and your employees deserve a work environment that leaves them happy and fulfilled.

By working with Call Management Resources, your company can have the best of both worlds: the productivity and HR benefits of a 4-day work week and 24/7, world-class customer service. Why sacrifice one when you can seamlessly and affordably have both?

Regardless of whether you choose to adopt this ground-breaking new model, we know this to be true: missed calls cost you money. 

This is why for the last 60 years, it’s been our mission to make sure our customers never miss another call ever again. 

Contact us today, and we’ll help you navigate the transition to a 4-day workweek successfully. You can make your employees happy and we can help delight your customers!

Missed calls cost you money.
Answered calls make you money.
We answer calls.