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More Than a Medical Answering Service

August 6, 2021

Think an answering service is only good for after-hours answering? 

Think again…

Over the past 60 years, we’ve seen the answering service needs of medical practices change from paper-based messaging to paging to HIPAA compliant phone apps. Not only have the modes of message delivery changed, the applications we have developed to enhance the productivity of the modern medical office have grown exponentially.

A modern answering service can be a vital partner for your daily office operations, creating efficiencies and saving you time and money.

Services beyond the traditional after-hours answering include:

Full-Time Virtual Receptionist Services: The receptionist desk at a medical office can be a staffing nightmare and a major cost center for any office. Many practices are moving from after-hours answering to full-time virtual receptionist services. An answering service like Call Management Resources can scale with your call volume and you never have to worry about call-offs or training new staff.

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Patient Information Integration: Our call agents are trained to take the most accurate information from your patients or other providers. With access to your database, your calls can be processed faster and with more ease for the caller. Once we confirm information based on HIPAA requirements, we can pull all information needed on the caller so that contact information is accurate and the caller does not have to repeat information that you already have.

Appointment Scheduling: Can your answering service access your scheduling system? With modern API’s, we can schedule patients and access information within your scheduling software.

Intake Information Gathering: Taking information over the phone for new patients can tie up valuable staff time. Call Management Resources can do new patient intake for you, day or night, gathering all of the information you need, qualifying insurance coverage, and all at the convenience of your new patients.

Decision Tree Information Lines with Custom Scripting: Do you need to give out information based on questions answered by your callers? With our custom scripting, we can handle the most complex of decision trees and deliver information to your caller or triage calls to transfer only the most pressing calls to your office or on-call staff.

Complex On-Call Scheduling: Have a complex on-call schedule with many changes throughout the week? Or cascading dispatching steps depending on who is available? With Call Management Resources online client interface, you can change on-call schedules in real-time and utilize our expert account managers to help build the best system to suit your practice’s unique needs.

Physician’s offices are realizing the benefits that modern answering services can bring to their busy practices. By outsourcing many of the functions that expensive, in-house receptionist staff have done in the past, your office can partner with Call Management Resources to reduce overhead and increase efficiency within your practice.

Contact Call Management Resources today and let us customize the perfect medical answering solution for your practice. Because if you can do it on the phone, we can do it for you.

Call Management Resources has been recognized as one of Top Answering Service Companies by DesignRush.