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Need Help Managing Your Rental Properties?

May 23, 2022

Are you a real estate investor who has purchased rental properties to provide you with ongoing income? 

Many investors are finding that rental properties are a great way to earn recurring income into retirement. Inevitably, those with small holdings struggle with the decision to hire a property management company or manage the properties themselves.

Typically the choice between taking calls from tenants at all hours of the day and night or paying a property management company a percentage of rent and cutting greatly into your profit is your only choice. But what if there was another option?

Introducing Call Management Resources Virtual Property ManagerCall Center Agent

Imagine paying a small monthly fee for your phones to be answered 24/7, showings scheduled, tenant complaints taken, maintenance contractors dispatched, follow-up calls made and detailed reporting for your records. We can dispatch your trusted contractors and handymen and our skilled agents can determine what is an emergency and what can wait until the next day based on your parameters, saving you money.

We provide a middle-cost option between DIY and property management fees.

With our Virtual Property Manager, we can:
  • Answer Tenant Calls 24/7
  • Schedule Showings
  • Dispatch Repair Technicians from Your Preferred Vendors
  • Determine if After-hours Repairs Merit Emergency Maintenance or if They Can Wait Until the Next Business Day
  • Send Text ETA’s to Tenants for Repair Technicians
  • Update You Real Time Via Text or Email 
  • Produce Detailed Reporting and Call Recordings

With the Call Management Resources Virtual Property Manager, we take many of the headaches out of managing your own properties without the larger costs of a full-service property management company. While we know that a full-time property management company can be the right direction for some, our solution offers an option that could save you time and money if you are looking for alternatives.

Contact us today so that we can put our Virtual Property Manager to work for you and your tenets 24/7 to delight your tenets and save you time and money.