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Don’t wait until your busy season to plan for your busy season!

March 7, 2019

At Call Management Resources, we work with a lot of businesses and learn a lot about how people problem solve. Today we are going to talk a little bit about what we’ve observed when helping our clients during their busy season.

Having a busy season can be great. It’s exciting to help more customers and grow your business, but an influx of business can come with a lot of challenges.

Here are four easy tips to help you navigate your busy season:

Look at previous years for trends.

When were you busy? Why were you busy? Who inside of your organization was most impacted by fluctuations in business? What could you have done better? Try solving your problems from the previous year before they happen again.

Think about how your customer perceives you.

Chances are that if you have a busy season, so does your competitor. Make sure your service offerings are up to date, your marketing is clear and attractive, and you are making it easy to buy. Think about a special or some kind of value-add that makes your customer thinks twice before picking your competitor.

Missed calls are lost dollars.

Don’t wait until the phone is ringing off the hook to worry about who is answering it. Find a partner to handle increased calls and online inquiries. Also, remember that with the help of a 24/7 call center or answering service, you can turn every call into revenue without having to add temporary staff.

Manage your time wisely.

A busy season can feel like you are drinking from a firehose. Time management means being effective and efficient. By blocking time on your calendar, you can clear enough time to do what’s essential for your success. Plan your days around those tasks that are most important to capturing revenue, and work to get daily tasks completed early. Most importantly, schedule time for yourself. You’ll be amazed by how much you get done by creating a daily schedule and sticking to it.

With over 60 years in business, we have worked with almost every type of business, in every industry.  Let us work with you to plan your spikes in business so that we can be there when the calls start coming in.