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Preparing for the Tax Time Rush?

October 20, 2020

It’s almost that time of year again when accountants go into the office at sun up and don’t leave until late into the evening. Your family starts to forget who you are. Yes, it is almost tax time again. 

Is your firm ready even with all of the challenges 2020 has thrown at us?

Are you answering all of your client calls yourself or do you bring in temporary staff to handle the rush that January through April brings? There is a better, more efficient and cost-effective way to have your calls answered during your busy season that requires little effort from you and doesn’t involve hiring staff. 

We Can Give You More Time To Focus on Your Work and Make More Money

At Call Management Resources, we can answer your calls 24/7, take client messages, give business information, set up appointments, and gather new client leads. For only about a dollar a day, you will have a live agent answering your phones as if they are an employee in your firm. We can take all of your calls 24/7 or only calls when you are busy or after-hours calls; we are ready anytime, all for the same price.

Imagine for a moment going through this tax season being able to focus on your work without the phone constantly interrupting you, your clients’ calls are handled by polite, courteous US-based virtual receptionists, and you never miss the opportunity to gain new clients because you always have someone answering your phones, day or night. 

Gaining 1 New Client From Having Your Calls Answered 24/7 Will Pay For Our Service

With the changes you will have to make this year to be responsive to the current business climate and the challenges with in-person client meetings, let Call Management Resources give your schedule some relief. Contact us today and we can have you set up and ready for tax season.

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Answered Calls Make You Money.
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