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Swamped with Employee Call-Offs?

January 26, 2022

Are your managers spending a lot of valuable time handling employee call-offs?

With Covid at an all-time high coupled with flu season and a tight labor market, finding employees to cover every shift can be difficult and time-consuming.

Call Management Resources can help!

We have developed our T.E.A.M.©, Total Employee Attendance Management, solution to provide a comprehensive call-off system, managing the frontline of taking employee call-off calls and the backend of reporting information to managers and filling key positions, all while providing detailed records and recordings for your HR-related needs.

Call Management Resources has been the call-off solution of choice for many large firms including Kroger, Caterpillar and Volvo because of our professional, US-based call center agents and our ability to customize the call-off process to fit the needs of each organization we work with.

Imagine for a moment it’s 10 PM and your employee needs to call off for the midnight shift. Instead of calling their manager and disturbing them at home or during a busy time at the office, they call their employee call-off line answered by Call Management Resources. Our trained agent takes the information you would like from the employee on a recorded line and the employee receives a confirmation number for their records. At the conclusion of the call, an email with the information is sent to the manager and the human resources department with a recording of the call. Our call center agent then starts the process of calling on-call employees to fill the shift. Once the shift has been filled, the manager is then emailed with information regarding the employee filling the shift.

The entire call-off process is handled by Call Management Resources!

Let your managers get back to the work of building your business. Let Call Management Resources be your employee call-off solution!