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Taking More Orders By Phone? We Can Help

May 28, 2020

From restaurants shifting to a majority of carryout business to retail businesses fulfilling more online orders, the phone has started ringing for many businesses during the past few months. The best of predictions seem to indicate that this new normal will last well into the fall or even the new year.

Is your business receiving more customer calls?

While responding to customer calls has always been a part of good customer service, the influx of larger call volumes and volume fluctuation can be a real headache for staffing and a break in your normal business process.

Did you know that companies like Call Management Resources can seamlessly take your calls, as if we are you, answering customer questions and taking orders?Β 

Imagine all of your calls being answered, orders taken and the information transferred digitally to you so that you can work on fulfilling orders instead of being tied up on the phone all day. Phones can be answered 24/7, during business hours or only when you don’t make it to the phone.

If you can do it on the phone, we can do it for you!

We answer for businesses large and small and have plans starting at $29. Contact us today and we can be answering your phones tomorrow!Β