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The Most Delicate Calls

March 1, 2022

Empathy – The Highest Level of Training

At Call Management Resources we have 5 levels of training and our highest level takes calls of a delicate nature: hospice, funeral homes and special projects where there are potentially emotional callers.

Understanding empathy and expressing it over the phone is key to this type of call: a softer tone, giving the caller a longer time to talk about their situation and responding with understanding and care. From answering these types of calls for most of our 62 years in business, we know these calls take skill and an expert touch and that is why we send them only to our most trained agents.

24/7 Answering with Care

We staff 24/7 with agents ready to take these delicate calls. A grieving parent, child or spouse, who may call your funeral home in the middle of the night, will be able to speak with a live, empathetic agent who can direct them on exactly what to do. Being able to reach an agent anytime, day or night can lead to new business for funeral services and be of great importance for hospice care.

Knowing the Difference

One thing that most answering services don’t get right, that we train for, is knowing the difference between a call requiring empathy and a call requiring action. Is this a mother calling to plan a funeral for her son? Empathy is needed. Is this a nurse calling a hospice line regarding medication prescribed for a patient? A sense of action needs to be conveyed. Having agents that can think on their feet and know the difference between these two types of calls will be a big factor in the caller’s satisfaction with the agent’s exchange.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Don’t just listen to us, here’s what Gayle Harden-Renfro, President of Renfro Funeral Services says about our services: “We have used Call Management Resources for about three months now…don’t know what took me so long. The operators are professional, friendly to our customers and the follow-up emails provide information I sometimes miss on the first call. They have also taken the pressure off of monitoring our 24-hour business after hours or on the weekends. We are super happy and grateful for the phone support.”

It’s hard to trust such important calls with an outside answering service. Funeral homes, hospices and other organizations with calls that need an expert touch have been trusting Call Management Resources for over 62 years. Contact us today and we can be your trusted partner that will provide empathy and expertise to your callers.