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Virtual Receptionist – The Solo Shop’s Best Friend

July 22, 2020

Running your own business is a huge challenge. From finding new clients to handling customer requests to making sure your equipment is running properly, the demands of going it on your own can seem daunting at times. 

What if you could add staff for as little as $1 per day?

The most successful freelancers, consultants and solo entrepreneurs know that their time is valuable and outsourcing can pay dividends in the long run. Having a person to do some of the more basic tasks can free you up to focus on the skills you bring to your business.

A virtual receptionist, answering your phones 24/7 with a live person, can improve your customer service, increase your productivity and build a level of trust with your potential clients that your business is more than you answering your cell phone.

With today’s technology, when many people hear “virtual assistant” they immediately think of automated voices and phone trees. At Call Management Resources, “virtual assistant” means a live agent 24/7/365 answering the phone as if they were your business, answering questions, taking messages, transferring calls and capturing new leads.

Often when customers are looking for a company to do business with, they will go down the list of options and overlook any company that fails to answer their phone. Don’t let new business slip through the cracks because you were in a meeting or working on a project and sent a call to voicemail. Gaining one new client because of a live agent answered your phone could pay for our service for an entire year!

With over 60 years in business, we have worked with almost every type of business, in every industry large and small. Set yourself up for success this year by choosing Call Management Resources to answer your calls and help grow your business. 

Contact us today and we can be answering your phones tomorrow!
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