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Weathering the Downturn With A Customer Service Partner

April 23, 2020

Times are tough for almost all businesses. Those that are still operating are facing the prospect of doing more work with less staff and sales pipelines that have slowed to a trickle. While business owners have been able to rely on past experiences to weather typical downturns, this pandemic has no comparable benchmarks in modern business and many unknowns.

There are steps you can take today to alleviate the pressure of reduced staff and ensure you maximize the potential of potential leads. This is a time to take action in order to survive and an opportunity to do things differently to thrive.

It’s time to think about outsourcing your customer service calls!

A modern customer service partner like Call Management Resources can help you…

Maximize Reduced Staff Efficiency

Many businesses have reduced their employment rolls because of budget cuts meaning fewer people doing the same, if not more, work. Outsourcing your customer service and/or virtual receptionist functions frees up valuable staff resources to focus on other matters while a customer service partner like Call Management Resources captures leads, provides product support and takes orders over the phone.

Keep Existing Clients By Improving Customer Service

The most cost-effective way to maintain revenue is to keep current clients. Today, customers demand the highest level of customer service from companies. If they don’t receive the service they expect, they know there are other businesses out there ready to swoop in and take your hard-won customer, often for life.

Providing your customers with the best service by answering the phone 24/7 can be daunting for businesses large and small. We can provide your customers with information, often only limited by the information you can give the service. When customers want answers, your business will be ready with agents 24/7 for a fraction of the cost and headache of answering the phones yourself.

Gain New Clients By Capturing More Leads

As business slows and marketing costs grow just to maintain a flow of new leads, it is important to capture every lead that comes to you. How many times have you called a business and got a voicemail message? When potential customers call a business and there is no answer, they will typically just go to the next company on their list.  When you have a live person answering your phones, day or night, your ability to capture more leads and gain new business grows exponentially. 

We provide you with a live voice 24/7, giving potential clients information about your business and capturing information from your caller. Think of how much just one customer is worth to you and how much more business you can close if you are the company that answers their phones 24/7.

Call Management Resources can be your US-based, outsourced call center partner to capture more leads and be the frontline of your business.

For over 60 years we’ve been answering calls for businesses large and small. When people think of outsourced call center solutions, they often think of large companies but we answer calls for freelancers and small offices, as well as large corporations with price packages and applications to fit every need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you during this trying time and be prepared to grow your business well into the future. 

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