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What Does 1 Missed Call Mean to Your Business?

February 26, 2019

The demands of running a business can often look like a juggling act: making sure suppliers are on time, employees are productive and customers are happy. Today, customers demand instant access to your business and often expect to be able to talk to a live person day or night.

The more consumed with the day-to-day running of your core business you are, the easier it is to justify letting that customer go to voicemail. With potential clients looking for the instant gratification of speaking with someone, getting voicemail is often the queue to move on to the next option on their list without even leaving a message. All the while, you may not even realize how many potential customers you are missing out on.

Why does this happen?

It’s fair to assume you are well aware of the need to communicate with your customers and respond swiftly to their inquiries, so it’s worth looking further into why answering calls is not considered an unbreakable priority.

There are a number of reasons missing a call can become acceptable within a company culture. First and foremost, it’s tempting to believe that the customer will call back if it’s urgent, so there’s no particular need to break away from ongoing tasks and demands in order to answer the call at that moment. Secondly, many businesses will provide a range of different contact methods, so they will assume that customers will either email or use social media to get in touch if they can’t get through by phone. Finally, it’s worth noting that sometimes leaving phones to ring isn’t an active decision; there simply isn’t the time, or the staff resources, to ensure that all calls are answered.

While the above reasons can be influential, there is usually one dominant reason why companies allow calls to go unanswered: the company does not realize just how serious a single missed call can be.

How can one missed call impact a business?

There are numerous reasons a single missed call can be problematic for businesses, including:

  • Loss of that customer. The most persuasive argument for ensuring all calls are answered is simple: if you want to foster a relationship with the caller, then you have to answer the call. While customers might call back or use a different form of communication, most won’t – and in truth, it’s easy to see why they would just choose to walk away. Contacting a business should not be onerous for the customer; it should be simple and effortless – if it isn’t, then they’ll turn to a company who can provide a simpler, more straightforward contact experience.
  • Loss of revenue. If a call is missed, and the customer subsequently decides to walk away, then the income they may have generated for the business is immediately lost – which can be damaging to company profits.
  • Damage to company reputation. If you read online reviews of any business, you will quickly notice a pattern: contact with a business is usually mentioned, either for positive or negative reasons. If a business misses a call or isn’t responsive, then there is a chance that the caller will write a scathing review of the company, which can cause untold reputational damage.

Clearly, a single missed phone call can be harmful to your business. More worryingly still, the problems above can multiply with every call lost – potentially causing irreparable damage to the business as a whole.

How can this problem be avoided?

While it is concerning to learn of the problems a single missed phone call can create, it’s also important to be fair – there are genuine reasons that calls are missed. Business life is busy and, sometimes, it just doesn’t seem that there are enough hours in the day to answer every call.

It is therefore imperative to solve the underlying reasons that calls are missed; the lack of time and the strain on staff resources.

By far the best way to solve the above issues is to opt for a 24/7 call center solution from Call Management Resources. In doing so, you can be certain that every call a customer makes will be answered by a live person. Our answering service is available 24/7/365 – so your customers will always be able to get in touch with you when they want.

The benefits of working with Call Management Resources

  • All calls are answered. Avoid the pitfalls of missed calls by ensuring your customers are always able to reach out to your business via their preferred method.
  • Experienced, professional staff. Our staff are highly trained and experienced customer service representatives who are sure to reflect well on your business.
  • An increased amount of business. More answered calls mean more business opportunities for your company, which can significantly help to improve your overall profits.
  • Customer satisfaction. Both new and existing customers will appreciate the opportunity to talk to a live person on-demand, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction which in turn helps to encourage customer retention.
  • Cost effective. Opting for a call center solutions is far more cost-effective than hiring full-time, in-house agents, helping to reduce your business’s overheads significantly.
  • Fully customized solutions. We have sought to ensure that our customers can tailor our service to meet their requirements, with a range of options available. Whether you’re looking for a simple virtual receptionist service or full call center solutions, Call Management Resources can help.

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