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Why Staff-Up Your Call Center for the Holidays?

September 29, 2020

Are you getting ready for the rush of orders for the holiday season?

Do your plans include adding staff to help potential customers and handle customer complaints? 

While many people prefer to order products and find product information online, research shows that when a customer is confused with the order process or has trouble finding information, they prefer to talk with a live person.

Adding staff for the holidays to take calls and then letting them go when things slow down can be costly, not to mention seeing good people walk out your door for the last time after the holiday rush.

Did you know that you can outsource your order taking and customer service calls to a US-based company like Call Management Resources? We can serve as an extension of your business: answering questions, processing orders and logging complaints. 

Because we work in a shared services model, you can send us a few calls during slow times or a few thousand calls during busy months and we will be ready with staff to help your customers and improve your bottom line.

This holiday season could be rough for many businesses. Think of the potential increase in sales your e-commerce site can have over the competition simply by having an 800 number on each page with a live person ready to help your customers 24/7. Having someone available to answer your customer’s questions can be the difference between a new sale and them going to the next vendor.

Don’t lose potential customers from ordering confusion; gain business with a partner like Call Management Resources. 

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