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Why You Need Live Call Screening

October 20, 2021

Oh no, voicemail again!?! Ugh…

That’s probably what your clients are saying every time they are unable to reach you if you are a 1 person business. From realtors to consultants to legal solo practices, having your calls ring to your cell phone or office phone’s voicemail has probably been your standard practice; often missing valuable calls from clients and potential clients.

Have A Live Person Answer Your Calls 24/7

Imagine the professional image that you would convey to your clients and potential clients if a receptionist answered your phone day and night, asked who was calling and transferred calls to you. If you are unavailable, the receptionist would take a message or transfer the call to voicemail; your choice.

If you hired someone to take your calls, just during business hours, this would cost thousands of dollars per month. What if you could have the same solution for only $19.95 per month? Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

19.95/mo for Live Call Screening!?! Here’s How It Works

  1. If you don’t answer your phone, it forwards to us and we answer (or you can have us answer all the time). 
  2. We screen your call to determine if it is a call you would like to take. No more telemarketers!
  3. We call you and give you the option of taking the call.
  4. We transfer the call to you or if you decline the call, we take a message.
  5. If we take a message (an additional $0.50/message), the message is immediately sent to you via text and/or email.

We Save You Time and Give You a More Professional Look

Stop sending your clients directly to voicemail. Capture more business by having a professional receptionist answer your calls 24/7. And enhance your image with our Live Call Screening service.

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