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Customers Still Want to Talk

June 20, 2022

We all have those people in our lives who want to call instead of text, right? Well, much like in our personal lives, many businesses have shifted their customer service focus to the web and social media while missing the customers that desire the in-person or over-the-phone personal touch. Some companies don’t even have a phone number listed for customers to contact!

When customers are confused or need help, they want to talk to you.

Do you provide your customers with a customer service number to ask questions or place orders over the phone 24/7? While many people prefer to order products or find product information online, research shows that when a customer is confused with the order process or has trouble finding information, they prefer to talk with a live person. Having someone available to answer your customer’s questions can be the difference between a new sale and them going to the next vendor.

Call Center AgentIsn’t staffing 24/7 costly?

Staffing customer service lines 24/7 can be very costly if done in-house. The recruitment, training and technology needed can be a huge headache and a reason less successful businesses scrap the idea of over-the-phone customer service.  Juggling the demands of customers and the bottom line can be a struggle for even the most seasoned manager.

Smart businesses know that they can outsource their call center operations and have a US-based partner like Call Management Resources taking their customer service calls 24/7. A US-based outsourced answering solution like Call Management Resources can answer customer questions, troubleshoot product issues, capture leads, dispatch service calls, take product orders, issue refunds or warranty claims, and schedule appointments. Simply put, if you can do it on a phone, so can Call Management Resources.

Flawless Integration

One of the biggest fears a business has when outsourcing their customer relations to a partner is having an outside firm being able to match the care and quality their customers expect. For over 60 years, Call Management Resources has been the answering solution of choice for thousands of businesses large and small looking for a partner to seamlessly integrate their customer service operation. We answer the call as if we are your business and then transmit the data to you, the way you like it, even by integrating directly with your CRM or scheduling software.

We Grow With You

Outsourcing your call center operations to a US-based partner like Call Management Resources can benefit a seasonal or growing business by allowing the volume of your calls to fluctuate throughout the year. You can send us only a few calls per day or thousands and you don’t have to worry about staffing.  We are equipped to absorb the call traffic you send us while allowing you to adjust call packages to fit your business needs as they fluctuate throughout the year, optimizing your budget and maximizing your profits. 

Remember, there is a large base of customers out there that want to talk to a live person when they do business with your company. Don’t let those customers go to voicemail only for them to hang up and call your competition next on their list. Partner with Call Management Resources today to delight your customers and improve your bottom line.