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From Answer Service to Business Operations Support Center

June 7, 2022

Our clients utilize our answering solutions not only for traditional after-hour answering services but for everything from e-commerce order-taking to complex technical support. We often say, “If you can do it on the phone, we can do it for you.”

During times of uncertainty and crisis, clients have been requesting additions to their regular services to plan for reductions in staff, accommodate remote staff/teleworkers and account for increases in call volumes.

While many answering services are simple messaging, one-trick ponies, Call Management Resources works with our clients to offer comprehensive answering solutions, tailoring applications to meet our customer’s needs.

Call Center AgentSome solutions to consider:

After-Hours to Full-Time Answering – From doctor’s offices to law firms, many of our clients, who typically have us only answer when their business is closed, are now sending calls to our center 24/7. They can have us answer all of their calls or only overflow calls that they are too busy to answer.

Virtual Receptionist Services for Remote/Teleworkers – We can answer your phones and transfer callers to the mobile phone, home phone or VoIP phone of your staff or take messages that will promptly be emailed to them. 

E-Commerce Order Taking – With online and over-the-phone orders spiking at restaurants and e-commerce stores, we have seen a surge in requests to handle order-taking customer service lines for our clients. We can offer product information, capture leads and take orders that are entered directly into your website or ordering system.

Information Lines with Decision Trees – We have been setting up information hotlines for medical practices regarding virus information, businesses regarding closings or event cancelations, and large companies regarding employee layoffs and other HR-related situations. Our call center agents can use decision tree questions to determine the correct information to give callers based on the parameters you provide. Depending on the call, we can also take information from the caller or transfer calls to you if they meet certain criteria.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Call Management Resources is that we can be up and running with your call answering solution in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Instead of worrying about staffing, training and technical equipment, let us be your call answering solution. 

Never miss another call. Call us today and we’ll walk you through our affordable and customized call solutions.